Trip Report - Atalaya - Boca Manu - Boca Colorado (Manu/Madre de Dios)

Down the Amazon, or across the Patagonia ice cap. Where have you taken your packraft?
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Trip Report - Atalaya - Boca Manu - Boca Colorado (Manu/Madre de Dios)

Post by PeruJ » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:56 am

Congrats to Lucas, Evelyn and Nicolas for completing a 9 day 240 km/150 mi float from Manu's port of Atalaya to Boca Manu to Boca Colorado. I have wanted to do this trip for awhile, thanks guys.

We experienced the change of upper cloud forest to low jungle and the transition from the "Alto Madre de Dios river" (upper) to the "Madre de Dios river"(lower) name and climate changes. We saw Caiman on the banks, a River Otter, Turtles, Red and Green Macaws, Caracaras, Vultures, Monkeys at camp 4, Tarantulas, Tapir and cat tracks at every camp site etc., but I think we all enjoyed hacking through forest and picking out trees for our hammocks the most.

I will put this up on the site as a new itinerary soon and have plans to return for a solo filmmaking trip to visit some oxbow lakes we did not have time for.

Here is a video link for a trip I did last August in the Atalaya area ending at Machuhuasi (birding lake). BTW, the island I camped on with the huge Ficus was wiped out during our past rainy season :( It's a jungle out there!

-Please forgive the tongue and cheek survival show editing style-

Come on down and join the next one. Thanks!

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