Partners & Logistics Tips

Looking for a partner or need help with logistics? Post here!
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Partners & Logistics Tips

Post by wfinley » Wed Sep 26, 2007 7:44 am

If you're posting here then a few tips will help you out:

- Post exactly what type of trip you'd like to do as well as the region; i.e. "I'm looking for partners who float Class II and fish in SC Alaska" or "I want to drop sick Class V waterfalls in Washington".
- Meeting internet friends face to face can be scary (according to Dateline NBC) and at times can feel like a blind date. Be upfront and say right off what your abilities are. No one wants to end up on a trip where they are way over their heads just as packrafters looking to catch double helixes on sick hydroheads don't want to end up fishing the Kenai.
- And finally, this forums sees users from all over the world so post where you live now!

Have fun!

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Re: Partners & Logistics Tips

Post by kwardw » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:33 am

Just bought Alpacka Explorer 42, looking to get it into floats,reservoirs,lakes, class 1 and 2 with a slightly more experienced boater,maybe just someone around if we do golden clear creek waterpark, shoot the shit, etc kevin 303 718 3437 lakewood , co , thanks

I had kayak long time ago , never did much with it, did a 16 day NOLS Green river/deso trip in the 90's , learned how to read some water

time to get back and practice,etc

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