Waterproof pack?

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Waterproof pack?

Post by saltyd » Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:20 pm

I'm looking for a waterproof pack I can bring packrafting and lash to the front of the kayak. I have a cargo fly, but after having to inflate and deflate it across several portages it seems easier just to keep everything in the pack.

Most of the backpacks I've seen are just rubber sacks and offer no real support if you want to hike with them. Also, I want to be able to strap my packraft to the outside of it and it seems like most of the packs I've seen have no places for tie downs or straps.

Any recommendations?

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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by SLCpod » Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:32 am

What size of pack are you looking for?
Klymit offers some good options.

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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by saltyd » Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:53 am

Their packs look good, but kind of small for multi-day trips.

I'm looking for something like this design, but hopefully cheaper:


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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by tkinak » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:07 pm


They will also custom build bags to your dimensions. Heavy duty stuff.

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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by paulster » Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:52 pm

I have been using an old school external frame backpack with the sack removed (so just the frame and shoulder and hip straps). I use a couple of lengths of cord to lash a conventional river bag to the frame (cords rather than cam straps so I can use them for putting up a fly). The frame lashes across the bow of the boat on the water. I started with a pack frame that was probably 30 years old and quickly had to replace the hip belt and shoulder straps but found what I needed at REI. I have a couple of dry bag sizes to choose from from a collection of river gear. I was inspired by friends using a similar system to haul out elk. I was skeptical at first but totally sold now. My last trip was a week long with 2 days of super technical hiking, including a rappel and a lot of near vertical up and down-climbing as well as smooth trail. Total weight was about 45 lb. The pack frame and dry bag combo is comparable in weight to a lighter (but not ultralight) internal frame backpack.

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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by paulkirby » Mon May 30, 2016 7:20 pm

I've faced the same problem. It's hard finding a dry-bag that I can fit all my gear into. I've got a 70 liter cheap dry bag that I bought on eBay for under $10. It serves its purpose, but... It's a pain to carry it from the landing site to a potential campsite. And the 70L bag makes everything a pretty tight fit. Plus it's more square than oblong or tubular.

I've been looking at affordable dry-bags / dry duffel bags. I refuse to pay more than $100, that's just crazy. Using discount codes I've found a SealLine 115 Liter 'Boundary Pack' that has shoulder straps. Costs $95 with free shipping. I'm torn between that and the NRS 3.8 Bill's Bag Dry Bag for $75 (106 Liter). If anyone has any experience with either of these I'd appreciate any feedback.

I liked the look of the Scuba Pro duffel's and the North Face or Sea to Summit dry bags but I read some negative reviews about how they weren't very durable that made me hesitant. That, and the price. I liked the design of the Redverz, but looking at the dimensions of the 'large' duffel I'm not sure it will meet my needs, their 90 Liter bag is only 27 inches long...

There's plenty of nice looking smaller dry bags/ duffel's like Wolfman or Outdoor Research, but when you get up above 90 liters there doesn't seem to be much to choose from and there's a dearth of reviews.

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Re: Waterproof pack?

Post by Exerceo » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:04 am

Hello everyone I have been looking for a bag that can handle more than 40lbs and can work for packrafting and a variety of other things as I can't afford multiple bags. I came across the Seek Outside bags a few years ago, unfortunately they are mostly used for hunting so they are colours that blend in to the trees and such. I have been in talks with them to create some that would be visible if they made their way down the river without me. :shock: They are wondering if there is an interest. I thought their Revolution pack system seems awesome for packrafting as their bags come water proof, not ultra lightweight but considering they have a 100lb load capacity they have kept them pretty decent and they can handle bushwacking. The Revolution frame can be used with a bag or without for carrying packrafting gear so on a day trip just the basics nice and light or a 2 weeks trip, load it up. Would there be interest in this type of system? I am not affiliated in anyway, I have just been on my quest for the perfect one bag fits all solution. I tried to add a screenshot but it seems to be too large so here is a link.


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