Add a coat of aquaseal for improve resistence of tube

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Add a coat of aquaseal for improve resistence of tube

Post by Anik » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:47 pm

I saw a old thread on Roman Dial blog(february 20 ,2010)about possibility to add a coat of urethane(aquaseal) to the bottom and the sides of packraft for improve durability for creeking.I'm interessed about this idea mainly for the lower part of tube.
Someone try that?
if yes,what is your review about that?
Possibility to repair a hole with aquaseal a fabric that already have a coat of aquaseal on it?
Coat of aquaseal certainly improve scratch resistance,but what about hole and tear?

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Re: Add a coat of aquaseal for improve resistence of tube

Post by Arafat » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:11 pm

Hello Anik.
I bought Alpacka Mule in 2016.
After the first descent into the water with an inclined concrete slab,
I noticed that the protruding lower rear of the bottom of the pack (where the seams meet),
a bit frayed, the cord of the bottom became closer.
I was upset, immediately thought that you can just build up the bottom of the sealant, and how
Once on the site of the manufacturer Alpacka, I saw an Aquaseal.
His, only in a small tube with a cat, I bought with Alpacka.
The hardest part was to understand how much Aquaseal needed to the bottom of the pack.
I really did not want to use the patch with a scratch.
And I decided to repair the abrasion of the bottom of the pack and at the same time to strengthen the bottom with Aquaseal.

Having outlined a little above the outer part of the cylinders, and also along the bottom of the transfer of the packraft (where the legs are),
And also under the seat of the line with a marker, I covered my Alpacka Mule layer with Aquaseal.
The test was conducted in Mallorca. It was very hot.
Covering with Aquaseal in those parts of the Alpacka bed, where I smeared diligently - completely withstood.
In those places of packraft, where the sealant was already missing, I used to house.
How much sealant is needed for Alpacka Mule?
I did not have one tube, on the cover, which you will see in the photos below.
Probably, to protect the bottom and pipes and stern, including the sharp part, it takes about 3,
226.8 grams tube Aquaseal.
See the photo, after the sea.
Ask. I will answer

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