Green River: DINO- Split Mtn via Yampa and Moonshine

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Green River: DINO- Split Mtn via Yampa and Moonshine

Post by DaveSLC » Sun May 01, 2016 6:50 am

Hello Folks!

Here's a burly packraft weekend for you in Dinosaur National Monument....

The basic itinerary:

Day one: Hike ~5 miles to Moonshine Gulch. This involves climbing up 2.2K ft via a beautiful 3rd class ridge immediately adjacent to the Josie Morris Cabin parking lot on the West side of Box Canyon. Cross the Yampa Plateau. Then descend a crazy steep 4th class ridge to the river. Ski/ hiking poles recommended! Camp in Moonshine Draw > 1/8th mile from river. Good water at a spring 1/2 mile up Moonshine Draw in the Cottonwoods.

Day two: Hike ~2 miles to Rainbow Park. Ferry, check-in, and paddle ~12 miles to bridge/ take-out, class II - III, on the Split Mtn Daily of the Green River.

You'll need 4 permits for this trip. Reserve a daily Split Mtn padding permit on Then call the Visitor Center and request two paddling play permits for ferrying across to the Rainbow Prk boat ramp and another for paddling past the Split Mnt boat ramp to the bridge. Lastly request an overnight backpacking permit for camping in Moonshine Draw.

If it wasn't for the descent into Moonshine, I'd give this five stars. The descent is very steep, burly, and a knee/ ankle breaker. Do post if you workout something better.

Some pics: ... directlink

And map links: ... bowPrk.kmz ... bowPrk.kmz

Thanks to the good in the River Office at DINO, Dick S. and Mike L. for getting it done!

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Re: Green River: DINO- Split Mtn via Yampa and Moonshine

Post by conorfell » Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:27 pm

Great trip Dave! Thanks for all the info. It's definitely going on my list.

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