Life on Ice

South and east of Cordova, including Yakutat, Glacier Bay, Juneau and on down the Panhandle
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Life on Ice

Post by Hig » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:17 am

We're headed off in a few days for 2 months exploring Malaspina Glacier with our two little kids: ... OnIce.html

We'll be using our big red double duck to paddle some rivers that are only recently emerging from under ice, so I think we can claim to be the first to descend them. Hoping to also fashion a rickshaw using the packraft as the "carriage" with alder and a small bike wheel we're carrying. And of course the usual packraft uses... a bed, a bathtub, a place to hide if our tent gets flattened by hurricane force winds. If fair weather and addled mind combine I might even bounce out among the boulders on the coastal moraine.

If you want to follow along, we're going to try some clever tricks to post on our blog:
More often (daily?) we should be able to post using twitter and facebook:!/GroundTruthTrek/ ... 6861406084

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