European packrafting meet-up 2018

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European packrafting meet-up 2018

Post by max42mtb » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:51 am

PACKRAFTING MEET-UP. What do you think ?
Who would be interested in organizing a packrafting meet up on the Soca river, in Slovenia, by the end of May/Beginning of June 2018 ?
WHY there ? Slovenia is central in Europe, fairly cheap, the Soca river goes from grade I to V, the landscape is great, there are great infrastructures on site (camping, and paddling shops)
WHAT to expect : river boating, workshops : safety on the river, pimp your raft, gear maintenance ect...Also, a sell/buy moment. I'll get in touch with the Balkan river tour to see if they are willing to give us a presentation of their work in the evening.
HOW long ? It would be over a weekend or 3 days.
MORE details : I am willing to hear from HIGHLY motivated people to help me organize this event. If companies want to help out (sending someone to help with organisation, setting up fun contests, press, presenting your new products/demo ect...), please hit me up :
For the info, I live in Slovenia.
PLEASE comment, so WE get an idea of who MIGHT be interested. Any suggestions are welcome !

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