bike-rafting winnipesaukee, nh

bike-rafting winnipesaukee, nh

Post by fredthedog » Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:04 pm

lake winnipesaukee is the largest lake in new hampshire. very beautiful, with lots of hills all around.
also lots of long bays, with extended necks of land in between.

so I had a fun three-hour trip this summer, riding out a long neck of land, ferrying across to the mainland, and then back around.

the fjord explorer is *awesome*. I like the new raft-frame a lot better than the old one.

Sorry I didn't take any photos--you can see some of my pics from an earlier trip in my "bike-rafting the mississippi" thread, and that's pretty much the same rig I used this time.

But here's a google-map of the trip to give you the flavor of it: ... 41356&z=12

bikes and alpackas. such an awesome combo.

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