The Brazil 9000 Expedition

Down the Amazon, or across the Patagonia ice cap. Where have you taken your packraft?
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Brazil 9000
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The Brazil 9000 Expedition

Post by Brazil 9000 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:43 pm

We (Aaron Chervenak & Gareth Jones) will be using Alpaca rafts on a historical ‘human-powered’ journey of over 9000km (5500 miles) across Brazil from north to south.

Please have a look at to find out more, follow our progress and check out the photography and film.

The Brazil 9000 expedition starts in August 2012 at Monte Caburaí in the remote Amazonian region where Brazil borders Venezuela and Guyana. It ends at Chuí on the border with Uruguay, approximately 15 months later.

After travelling through the Amazon basin by canoe (an Ally collapsable canoe) , we will hike out across the scorched Caatinga hinterlands and on down thousands of miles of tropical coastline. Our Alpaca packrafts will be used to cross the numerous river mouths and deltas on the way down the coast.

Brazil 9000 will present an unprecedented portrait of Brazil and the Brazilians; visiting indigenous territories, deforested ranch lands, industrial ports, deserted beaches, fishing villages, pristine jungle and huge metropolises.

It’s a journey that has never been attempted, not even with the use of motorized transport.

The expedition is proudly presented to you by the Skeeto Lounge

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Re: The Brazil 9000 Expedition

Post by watergrl » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:30 am

So whatever happened to your expedition? Website is empty....

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